January Favorites 2018!!

I don’t know about you guys but for me January flew by so fast! I’m feeling like I celebrated the new year’s eve yesterday! Anyway, I hope everyone had a great month. My January was quite great. Mostly because, I was really focused on my goals and I felt I was actually doing something productive!... Continue Reading →


Inspired| SWD #7

Hey guys! This is going to be another talking type of post. I of course wasn’t at all consistent or active on this blog! It’s just I wasn’t really inspired and as I said before, I want to make quality posts. When I first started blogging, I did it just for fun and time pass,... Continue Reading →

Feel Good Playlist.

Haven’t written any song related post in a while (except For You review). So, I thought of making a Feel Good Playlist. It’s already 2018, let’s have the year feeling good. The list mainly has the songs I usually enjoy to listen and puts me in a great mood. Now, as the list is quite... Continue Reading →

Halloween Party Ideas #11

Okay, firstly I’m going to thank you, everyone who throws these parties. Only because of you, we lazy-people-who-will-never-throw-a-party can have fun! So, today I thought of helping those peoples a little bit by sharing some ideas for Halloween Parties. Decorations: Spider Lanterns: You can glue some plastic spiders on paper lanterns to make it more... Continue Reading →

Song Review: Just Like You

Song: Just Like You Singer: Louis Tomlinson Description: So, on 11th October Louis Announced that he was going to drop a new single called ‘Just Like You’. And surprisingly it was out on 12th October. He said that the label wasn't agreeing for releasing it, but after some conversation they finally agreed. He also said... Continue Reading →

Halloween Songs #7

Day 7th of 29 days of Halloween! Many of you may know how big of a music lover I am. So, I thought of doing a music related post for this Halloween Series. Therefore, here are 10 songs that you can play at your Halloween party or you can listen to get that Halloween vibe!... Continue Reading →

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