Tag: My Firsts!

I was really struggling with today’s post. I wanted to do a tag but I couldn’t find any that was interesting to me. But, after googling for a while, I thought of doing ‘My firsts‘ tag! It isn’t as interest as How I See Myself As A Fictional Character, but it sure was fun to … More Tag: My Firsts!

Mini Fashion Haul.

Finally, the winter is gone! Even though I don’t like summer much, it’s good to have some sunny days! I know for many of you it’s still snowing but here in my country it’s hot as summer; I literally drink cold water and iced tea everyday. Anyway, as it’s spring (or summer for me) I … More Mini Fashion Haul.

DIY Bookmarks.

I’m a type of person who feels really bad just by folding a page of any (story) books. They are literally like my treasure and I take care of them with all of my heart! Moreover, me having a very bad memory can never remember the page I left off the day before and I … More DIY Bookmarks.

Inspired| SJ #7

Hey guys! This is going to be another talking type of post. I of course wasn’t at all consistent or active on this blog! It’s just I wasn’t really inspired and as I said before, I want to make quality posts. When I first started blogging, I did it just for fun and time pass, … More Inspired| SJ #7