TMI Tag!

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great year so far! I was looking through my old post and deleted many of them just minutes ago and one of them was a ‘Get To Know Me Tag’. I found the post a bit weird, so I thought of doing a TMI tag. I know... Continue Reading →


Halloween Reading List #15

Hey guys! Today I was scrolling through Buzzfeed and saw this post ‘Books to read to put you in the Halloween Mood’. I know Halloween is almost here (just 4 days) and I’m already in Halloween mood. So, I thought of making a reading list for next year’s Halloween, so I don’t forget what I... Continue Reading →

10 Things I Love About Fall #14

October is almost gone and the weather is getting colder now. I love summer the most among all other season, but this year I noticed fall a little bit more (That kind of rhymed but wasn’t intentional, ha ha). I think I love almost everything about fall but the raining. I don’t like rain. It’s... Continue Reading →

Pennywise Halloween Makeup Tutorial #13

Hello Daizies! Okay, so from today, I’m thinking of calling all my followers a daizy! Tell me what you guys think about it! Anyway, it’s only seven days to Halloween so, I thought it’s finally the time to post Halloween Makeup tutorials! Today, I’m going to share this super easy Pennywise the Dancing Clown makeup... Continue Reading →

Sara’s Weekly Diary #5

Hey everyone! How are you guys? It’s Saturday, so, time for my weekly diary! Sunday: Something happened to me, that day. I was getting ready for school and suddenly I was feeling really dizzy. I was in my bathroom at that moment. Of course I didn’t want to get unconscious (or whatever)  there. So, I... Continue Reading →

Halloween Party Ideas #11

Okay, firstly I’m going to thank you, everyone who throws these parties. Only because of you, we lazy-people-who-will-never-throw-a-party can have fun! So, today I thought of helping those peoples a little bit by sharing some ideas for Halloween Parties. Decorations: Spider Lanterns: You can glue some plastic spiders on paper lanterns to make it more... Continue Reading →

Blogger Recognition Award!

Hey guys! Few days ago the very beautiful Joy The Witch nominated me for the Recognition Award! So, firstly thank you so much to her for nominating me and this is first time I was ever nominated for this award. So, I was pretty excited! Besides that, check out her blog! She has an amazing... Continue Reading →

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