DIY Harry Potter Inspired Wand!

Many of you may know I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, in one word I’m a Potterhead (Harry Potter related post here and here). So, few  days ago I was scrolling through my Pinterest and I came across this pin, which gave instruction to make a wand for yourself. The tutorial was really easy, so... Continue Reading →


7 Things To Do This Valentine When You’re Single!

My last post was a gift guide for couples, today I thought of doing a post for the single people! This year I’m totally single, so the following list is pretty much the things I’m planning to do on valentine’s day!  7 THINGS TO DO ON VALENTINES DAY: Hang Out With Your Single Friends: It’s... Continue Reading →

My February 2018 Bullet Journal Set Up

It’s almost February, so it’s time for my February bullet journal set up! I went with cute heart theme for this month, as its valentine month. Even though I’m single at the very moment and have no chance of having a date this valentine, I thought of celebrating it through cute-valentine bullet journal spreads! MATERIALS... Continue Reading →

Halloween Party Ideas #11

Okay, firstly I’m going to thank you, everyone who throws these parties. Only because of you, we lazy-people-who-will-never-throw-a-party can have fun! So, today I thought of helping those peoples a little bit by sharing some ideas for Halloween Parties. Decorations: Spider Lanterns: You can glue some plastic spiders on paper lanterns to make it more... Continue Reading →

Sara’s Weekly Diary #3

Hey guys! I know I missed week three. I was just so sad and wasn’t at all mentally stable that I couldn’t write about the week without crying. Therefore, I thought it was better to not write and to forget it! However, I’m back with another ‘Sara’s weekly Diary’ (Yay)! Sunday: The week started quite... Continue Reading →

DIY Dream Catcher

I actually made this dream catcher ages ago. I know this one is really different a person even told me it looked like a mop, but who cares I like it this way – a bit rustic and all. So this is for those who wants a dream catcher like that. So here are the... Continue Reading →

10 Things To Do This Autumn

It’s already fall. Crispy leaves covering the roads. I do miss summer a lot but cozying up in your bed with blankets and a cup of coffee is a thing! Moreover, the chilly air is something always to look forward to! This Post Is Collaboration with Feminine Princess. She is doing a post  Significance of... Continue Reading →

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