My February 2018 Goals

It’s already 9 days of February. February is going in the same pace as January for me, very fast. January was good for me but it was very hectic for me. I started a lot of things but I didn’t planned them ahead, how I’ll manage everything. Moreover, school is really tough and with home... Continue Reading →


The Ultimate Harry Potter Tag!

Hey guys! So I was just watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and got an idea of doing a Harry Potter tag. So I searched and found these awesome questions! I kind of put all of the questions I found online together and now I'm going to answer them! Favourite book? A : ... Continue Reading →

Sara’s Weekly Diary #5

Hey everyone! How are you guys? It’s Saturday, so, time for my weekly diary! Sunday: Something happened to me, that day. I was getting ready for school and suddenly I was feeling really dizzy. I was in my bathroom at that moment. Of course I didn’t want to get unconscious (or whatever)  there. So, I... Continue Reading →

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