7 Things To Do This Valentine When You’re Single!

My last post was a gift guide for couples, today I thought of doing a post for the single people! This year I’m totally single, so the following list is pretty much the things I’m planning to do on valentine’s day!  7 THINGS TO DO ON VALENTINES DAY: Hang Out With Your Single Friends: It’s... Continue Reading →


Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Her!

Valentines day is right at the corner. And, many of you must be struggling to find what to gift your girl this year’s valentine. Well, I thought of helping you guys out! VALENTINES GIFT IDEAS FOR HER: Books: If your girl loves reading, book is the best gift for her!  Try to remember, if she... Continue Reading →

My February 2018 Goals

It’s already 9 days of February. February is going in the same pace as January for me, very fast. January was good for me but it was very hectic for me. I started a lot of things but I didn’t planned them ahead, how I’ll manage everything. Moreover, school is really tough and with home... Continue Reading →

January Favorites 2018!!

I don’t know about you guys but for me January flew by so fast! I’m feeling like I celebrated the new year’s eve yesterday! Anyway, I hope everyone had a great month. My January was quite great. Mostly because, I was really focused on my goals and I felt I was actually doing something productive!... Continue Reading →

Inspired| SWD #7

Hey guys! This is going to be another talking type of post. I of course wasn’t at all consistent or active on this blog! It’s just I wasn’t really inspired and as I said before, I want to make quality posts. When I first started blogging, I did it just for fun and time pass,... Continue Reading →

Sara’s Weekend Diary #6

Haven’t written one of these in ages. I again changed the name, it is now ‘Sara’s Weekend Diary’ Instead of ‘Sara’s Weekly Diary’. And I also thought of just talking about the important things of my week instead of talking about every day of my life. Moreover, as I am writing it after ages I’ll... Continue Reading →

TMI Tag!

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great year so far! I was looking through my old post and deleted many of them just minutes ago and one of them was a ‘Get To Know Me Tag’. I found the post a bit weird, so I thought of doing a TMI tag. I know... Continue Reading →

18 Resolution Ideas For 2018.

I know almost everyone has already planned out their year’s goal. But, I actually wrote this a while ago but it wasn’t ready to be posted, so yeah. But as it’s totally ready, I thought of sharing it now. Maybe, it may help someone.   18 RESOLUTION IDEAS FOR 2018: Start A New Passion Work:... Continue Reading →

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