Secrets Of A Lifestyle Blogger

The time when I spill my own tea!
Hello you wonderful people! As a lifestyle blogger I have many secrets and today I thought of giving all of them away. Even though, few of them are ’embarassing’, mainly lying but I’m sure many of you can relate to them!
Now, before I get in the post I just want to say few words to other lifestyle bloggers-please don’t kill me!





Don’t ask me how many times I took a picture of a damn book just in different position for a perfect flatlay! I know it can’t be just me.
Usually, for getting 1 nice – casual flatlay I take at least 50 to 60 pictures. Moving all those unnecessary things around the main thing just so it looked that it just landed there casually and beautifully. It’s kind of like – ‘Putting insane amount of effort to look effortlessly beautiful’….I konw it doesn’t make sense but we bloggers go through this literally everyday!

Makeup Tutorials

I thought it was just me at the beginning but recently I read a blog post where it said, exactly what I do.
Whenever, I do a makeup tutorial, the makeup that I have on my face doesn’t stay more than one second after I get the picture for my blog.

Literally, after taking million of selfies, when I’m sure I got 5 nice pictures to post I go straight to my bathroom to put off my makeup, then I put off the fancy top I had on for the picture and then I crash on the bed with my phone and laptop! But, you can’t really blame me, can you? Like, it literally feels like jail when you have ton of makeup weighting you down when you’re supposed to rest after a long day!


This is like the last point. Whenever, I share a try on haul or OOTD I usually take off the outfit right away. Even though I wore the same outfit that day or few days ago I always put them off after I get a nice picture to post on my blog and Instagram.

Posting Pictures On Instagram

Most of the pictures I post on Instagram are the picture I literally took weeks ago! Maybe I have to post that day but I’m either too lazy to get up, do my makeup and take some pictures or I’m just not in the right situation and place!

Either way I end up posting a picture from previous week, month and sometimes even year! Like this picture is from last year when i went to the edge of the country!

So, these are my main dumb secrets as a lifestyle blogger! I was inspired to do this blog post after I read this post (read the post it’s amazing)! Even though all of the points were basically mentioned in that post, I thought of having my own go on it!

What Are Your Secrets As A Blogger?

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