My May 2018 Bullet Journal Set Up.

It’s almost May, so it’s time to plan my Bullet Journal! If you guys follow me for a while you guys know that I planned on having a golden bullet journal for the whole year. But, this April I got quite bored with the golden theme. So, I decided to have a definite color scheme for each four months. I’ll have a pink theme for next four months!

This month I went for Cherry Blossom as it’s ‘spring’. After having a very stormy April I’m really hoping for having a bright and dry May! And, for that I chose this theme.

Anyway, let’s get into my bujo set up.


  1.  A5 Diary
  2. Tombow Advanced Lettering Set
  3. Tombow Dual Brush Pen Marker (in the shade blush)
  1. Water Color (in the shade Crimson, black and Brown)



I’m not very proud of my cover. I guess as it was the first time drawing the flowers and branches, I didn’t know what I was doing. So yeah…


For this spread, I firstly drew the branches and flowers at the left side of the page. I then made my May calendar. And, as usual I had a section for my Monthly Goals and Blog Tracker. To cover up the blank space I drew another set of branches and flowers.

This is my most favorite spread from the month.


Last month, I really enjoyed having a grid like layout for my habit tracker. So, for this month I stuck to the same layout! Again, to fill up the empty place I wrote a quote at the bottom of the page.

For My gratitude log I drew branches at two opposite corners. And to make the title stand out, I wrote ‘Gratitude Log’ on a small piece of paper and glued in on the page.


I did my Blog Post log just as same as my Gratitude log.

I tried to get a bit creative with my Brain Dumps and List’s page. I tried to make it look like two pieces of paper were hanging from the branches. And, I really like how it turned out!


I did the same thing for my first weekly spreads.


So, that’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed reading and got some ideas for your bullet journal! See you soon!

When Did You Start Bullet Journaling?

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