50 Small Things That Makes Me Happy.

Just, yesterday I was stressing and complaining about everything in my life. I was so stressed that I almost had a panic attack. But, after experiencing some panic attacks before, I now try my best to not have another one.

From my previous encounters with panic attack (as if it’s a person) I realized journaling and listening to music  helps me a lot to calm down. So, I took my Bullet Journal; put on my headphones and started writing the small things that makes me happy. I targeted to write at least 22 things but after writing 22, I wanted to write down more so, I ended up writing 50.

Anyway, today I thought of sharing all those 50 small things I wrote that day, that makes me happy!

2018-03-29 12.53.38 1.jpg

  1. Cold Coffee
  2. Oversized Sweater
  3. Having Long Showers While Singing
  4. Getting The Perfect Messy Bun On The First Try
  5. Someone Playing With My Hair
  6. Smell Of New Books
  7. Starting A New Book
  8. Discovering New Songs
  9. Finding Songs To Which I Can Relate
  10. Finding Book Characters To Relate With
  11. Listening To Soft Rock and Electronic Songs
  12. Just Lying On my Bed After A Warm Shower In Dark And Staring At The Ceiling, Thinking absolutely Nothing
  13. Waking Up At The Morning And Breathing The Cold, Fresh Morning Air
  14. Late Night Talks With My Cousin
  15. Walking Alone With MY Best Friend And Talk About Everything
  16. Bear Hugs
  17. Fangirling Over One DirectionProcessed with VSCO with  preset
  18. Painting
  19. Making New Things
  20. Doing My Makeup
  21. Ice Creams
  22. Storms At Night
  23. Getting Wet In Rain
  24. Finishing A Book And Feeling Satisfied
  25. Laughing So Hard That My Stomach Starts To Hurt
  26. Talking To An Old Friend
  27. When Your Home Tutors Say They Won’t Be Able To Come
  28. Doing Yoga
  29. Writing
  30. Reading All The Asks and Comments I get
  31. Taking Pictures
  32. Talking To My Cousin And Best Friend Over Phone For Hours
  33. Talking And Laughing Non-Stop, Silently With My Best-Friend During A Boring Class
  34. Sleeping Whole 45 Minutes In A Boring Class
  35. The Earthy Scent After RainProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset
  36. Being Able To Take A Long Shower And Change Into Pj’s After A Long Day
  37. Going To New Places
  38. Waking Up At Morning But Not Feeling To Go To School, Then Realizing I Can Sleep To Hours More.
  39. Going To Movies With My Sister
  40. Getting Free Stuffs
  41. Wearing Red Lipstick
  42. Falling Asleep Just After Hitting The Bed
  43. Shopping
  44. Swinging In A Swing
  45. Having A Pleasing-Calming Bedroom
  46. Roller Coaster!
  47. Getting  Good Marks In A Test When I Studied Nothing For It
  48. Being Alone
  49. Sitting In My Balcony At 2 In The Morning And Listening To Music
  50. Finally Able To Play That Chord, That I’ve Been Trying To Get For A Week

So, That’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed and see you soon!!

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