My February 2018 Goals

It’s already 9 days of February. February is going in the same pace as January for me, very fast. January was good for me but it was very hectic for me. I started a lot of things but I didn’t planned them ahead, how I’ll manage everything. Moreover, school is really tough and with home tutors, I honestly don’t get anytime but to complete my homeworks. But, for February to be more relaxed and also productive I already planned out my days and set my goals, I just hope I can go how I planned!





  1. Re-Write My Novel:

Thankfully, I finished my Chapter 3 of my novel last month, but my writing skills are improving day by day, so my chapter 3 writing style had no connection with that of chapter 1.  So, I planned on re-writing all of the chapters. Moreover, I even changed my main plot a little bit, so I guess it’s needed to re-write it!

  1. Weekdays Are For Working And Weekend Are For Chilling:

As my school just started on January along with my home tutors, it got tougher than I thought it would have. My whole January was a mess, I didn’t know what I was doing, I just did what I had to at that moment but by the end of the month I got really depressed and stressed and I ended up having two panic attacks. But, after I did a review on January for myself I found out I actually did a lot of things and I was quite proud of myself. But, those stress  at the end weren’t good and I’m not looking forward to have another month like that.

So, I made a note for myself to relax and calm down on weekends and use the weekdays to finish all the things I have.

   Capture 7 3. 1000 followers on Instagram:


I think I have currently 950 something followers, so I’m hoping to reach to reach 1k! Moreover, I’m trying to post more and trying to have my theme going. I had changed my theme for some days, but I regret that. So, I’m back to my old theme but obviously changed  some of my editing!

      4. 400 followers on Saradiz:

I always have a definite goal for my blog, and this month’ target is to reach 400! I hope I can reach that!

     5. Tumblr:

I opened a tumblr blog, like a long time ago. However, I was never that serious about it, but after getting good reviews on my stories I thought of taking that seriously too! I have a goal to upload at least one story in two weeks and to reblog at least 5 posts each day!

  1. Read 3 books:

Capture 6.PNG

Last month I read only one book so I’m trying to make that up this month by reading three books. I’ve already read one book, two to go! And, suggest me any book, you think I should read!

  1. Workout 5 times a week:

I’ve been working out 3 times a week and I can really see the result now. This encouraged me to workout more regularly and be healthy.

I’m really looking forward for having a great month, especially after January!

Do You Have Any Goals For February?

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