18 Resolution Ideas For 2018.

I know almost everyone has already planned out their year’s goal. But, I actually wrote this a while ago but it wasn’t ready to be posted, so yeah. But as it’s totally ready, I thought of sharing it now. Maybe, it may help someone.




  1. Start A New Passion Work:

Find a new passion and work on it. You can learn a new skills and this will help you to find yourself more. Think about the things you’re drawn towards. If you like the idea of writing, start a blog or tumblr/wattpad account. You can start a challenge of drawing and see how better you get throughout the year. Or, you can do something completely different, start a trivia group. Mainly do whatever the hell you want.

  1. Be Fierce:

Well, try to be more and more confident. Self-confidence is like the most important thing to lead a happy and healthy life. Try to be bold and fierce. Do things you were scared of doing. And, just a small tip to have fun in life- break rules. I broke some rules in my 15 years of life, and let me tell you they are the things I will like to tell my kids. So, be fierce and try to live this year.

  1. Join A Club:

Join any club you wanted to join for a while. Honestly, I so want to join a club but I can’t find any club that interests me, after seeing ‘Dumbledore’s Army’ from Harry Potter. The only club I want to join write now is Dumbledore’s Army. But, It’s not about me, if you want to join any club- go join it!

  1. Eat Healthy:

Try to eat more healthy. After all we need to have a good health to do anything. Try adding more vegetables and fruits to your diet and cut off those extra fat foods.

  1. Get Fit:

Start to exercise. Let me tell you, it do feel good. You feel relaxed, energetic and it do give a lift in your mood.

  1. Read Books:

If you don’t read books, you are really missing a lot in life. I will really prefer you guys to read at least one book. Then, if you like it then, welcome to this  new world. If not, well everyone doesn’t like the same thing. But, try to read at least one book!

  1. Start Journaling:

It’s good trust me. I started to journal since I was ten. And obviously, all those entries were so funny and embarrassing. But, we all deserve a good laugh. Moreover, journaling really helps to sort things out in life. If you like to doodle or draw, you can start a bullet journal, that is a great thing to practice your drawing skills. But, if not,  go for the normal journaling system.  I have a both normal and bullet journal!

  1. Learn a New Language:

You can use the app Duolingo. It’s free and it has a great standard. You can learn any language you want there. But, if you have any club around you, where you can learn the language you want, go there! It’s great to learn different things!

  1. Quit a Bad Habit:

If you have any bad habit, like- biting nails, smoking. Try to quit them. It’s great and a very big resolution for this new year.

  1. Move More:

Try to make a routine  of walking 5k steps every day. When you are bored, instead of scrolling through instagram, go to a park and take a walk.

  1. Do Goods For Others:

Try to do at least one thing good for others, each week. Buy your mom some flowers or cook for her, try to donate things. It’s really cold outside you can buy some cloth for some homeless people. It will make you feel better of yourself and make many other people happy!

  1. Start Saving:

You can make a goal, to save some amount of money, each month. You can later on do something important and cool with it. Maybe buy a new laptop or camera!

  1. Drink Water:

Try to drink 3 liters of water every day. It’s good to be hydrated this year.

  1. Start a New Habit:

Is there anything that you want to do regularly? Start doing it. Even if you can’t do it regularly at first, force  yourself, and soon it will become your habit!

  1. Take Care of Yourself:

Look after yourself. You can have a fixed free time for yourself every evening, just to relax and do all  the things you want to do for yourself. Make yourself important to you. Even if you lead a super busy life, try to make your weekend schedule free and just have a lazy day. You can also hit the spa at the evening.

  1. Block People:

Try to block all the people who makes you feel bad of yourself, or  who makes you genuinely sad. I know life isn’t a social media where you can block people by clicking on block. But, try to do this, you deserve to  be happy  and be proud of yourself.

  1. Do Things For Yourself:

I just gave a point on to do things for others. But, it is okay to be selfish. Do things  for yourself. Treat yourself right.  If you want to buy something which is expensive, then set a goal f you reach the goal then buy yourself that!

  1. Have a Good Sleep Schedule:

Try to not sleep until 12 in the noon, or stay up ‘till 3 in the morning. Try to get least 6 hours sleep and max 8 hours sleep.  And, sleep at night, not day time. It is harmful for your health when you don’t sleep at the right time!

So, that’s  it! I hope you enjoyed reading the post and it helped! And, see you soon!

Is there anything from above in your goals for 2018? Let me know!

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