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My Current Playlist

I recently created this playlist. I have three playlists in total depending on my mood. And currently I need a lot of inspiration and a mood lifting so I made this playlist with The inspirational songs and party songs. So here we go! Moreover the playlist is called ‘Light’ and I have total 39 songs.

1. Style by Taylor Swift: Well idk but this song is in first of the playlist. No offence but I don’t like Taylor in a person but I love her songs, she’s talented.
2. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift: I think the album was at first.
3. Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift.
4. Despacito ft. Justin Bieber by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee: Can anyone tell how to pronounce Luis?
5. Battle Symphony by Linkin Park.
6. Kill Em With Kindness by Selena Gomez.
7. Million Reasons by Lady Gaga.
8. Work From Home by Fifth Harmony.
9. Bad Liar by Selena Gomez.
10. Only Angel by Harry Styles: This song is a thing.
11. Kiwi by Harry Styles: And this is a song that can never fail to bring a smile on my face. He actually wrote it!
12. Sign Of The Times by Harry Styles: It takes you to another world.
13. Sweet Creature by Harry Styles: It’s just a beautiful sweet creature. I thought if I don’t explain one, it’ll be sad.
14. Roar by Katy Perry: God I love this song! It’s so good and I love Katy Perry!
15. Rise by Katy Perry: Her songs are so freaking inspirational. I wanna meet her once.
16. Firework by Katy Perry: My all time favorite!
17. Live Like A Warrior by Matishyahu: This song describes my life!
18. Nobody Can Save Me by Linkin Park.
19. Get Low by Liam Payne: I can’t wait for his album.
20. Your Song by Rita Ora.
21. Ciao Adios by Anne-Marie.
22. Roses ft. ROZES by Chainsmokers.
23. Umbrella ft Jay-Z by Rihanna: I love her. Her songs are so beautiful!
24. Malibu by Mylie Cyrus: Finally she is back and I love this song. It’s so beautiful.
25. Diamond by Rihanna: Present favorite.
26. No by Meghan Trainor.
27. Fu*k U Betta by Neon Hitch: *cough* but I love this song.
28. Brave by Sara Berellies: This song is so freaking good. And by the Way todays weather is beautiful, I’m sitting in my balcony.
29. Irresistable by One Direction: Finally my babies. And this is my all time faborite song of One Direction.
30. Another World by One Direction: ≈They take me to another world≈ besides my fangirling this song is actually really good.
31. Bright by Zayn Malik: This song is actually funny.
32. PillowTalk by Zayn Malik: He actually doesn’t use ‘Malik’ much. But Anyway I love this song.
33. Infinity by One Direction: My favorite song from my favorite album! Love it !
34. Woman by Harry Styles: What are you doing here?! I thought you would be with rest of your….. album mate!
35. It won’t kill ya ft Louane by Chainsmokers: I love the music and the beat!
36. Back to You ft. Bebe Rexha by Louis Tomlinson: his songs are so good. I especially love the soft music and the beat together here!
37. Outside by Calvin Haris: I thought it was Ellie Gouldling’s. oh she is featuring
38. Glorious by Macklemore.
39. Most Girls by Hailee Steinfeld: I love it’s massage it’s so good.

That’s it comment if you like any of the song above here. And see you guys soon!


10 Things to Do While Pulling An All-Nighter Alone

Last month I pulled at least 3 full all-nighter. I went to bed at like 6,7 or 8 in the morning and I was all alone. So I thought of giving you a small list of ideas that you can do while pulling an all nighter alone. There is fun being alone!

1. Eat:
Don’t think about diet. Make yourself something or order a pizza. You can even make popcorns for rest of the night. And don’t forget softdrinks!
2. Watch Films:
I watched every single things that I wanted to see for a long time. And sometimes you can even watch you ‘Guilty-Pleasure’ films. There is no one to judge.
3. T.V Series:
I finished the three season of ‘Sherlock’ in those three nights. I re-watched my favorite episode of Game Of Thrones again and I watched Pretty Little Liars. Watch anything.
4. Have a Party:
Well you can only do this when you are alone in the house or when you have a sound proof room. But you can also use headphones as long as you don’t sing along. Which I couldn’t do.
5. Think:
I spent like 4 hours one night just thinking. I was thinking of many serious stuffs and I was also day dreaming!
6. Be Creative:
You can draw or make something. I made small collage.
7. Call:
Call your friends and wake them up and something stupid. But just don’t it on anyother person. You can even call your boyfriend if you want.
8. Prank:
Well I came up with a great prank to pull on my friends though I still haven’t done that! You can come up with hillarious idea or pull one on someone in your house.
9. Decorate:
You can decorate your room, make some diy and even come up with idea.
10. Treat yourself:
You can give yourself a warm bath, paint nails. Give your self a manivure or padicure. Or just a face mask!

So that is it guys! I hope it helped and tell me which you usually do while pulling an all nighter. And a Question Answer is going on in my blog, ask me anything I’ll answer them truthfully!

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Mango-Papaya Smoothie

The pic is not mine, I forgot to take my own picture
Today I made this smoothy. It was actually my mum’s recipe actually I just followed it. So all credit goes to my mum. So yeah,  I thought it gonna taste weird like mango+papaya?….. 

Anyways, but it turned out really good and its so easy. So I thought of sharing it with you!

Ingredients For 6 servings: (Sorry I made it for the whole family+ guests)

• 4 Mango

• ¼ of Papaya

• ½ Cup Sugar (Optional)

• 250 ml Water


Cut the Mango and Papaya in small cubes. Slide them in a blender add water, sugar. Sugar is up to you, how much sweet you want it. Now blend it up and Ta-Da you have the Mango-Papaya Smoothie!

I hope you enjoyed and it helped. And let me know if you plan to make it and a Q/A is going on in my blog, so ask me questions I’m gonna answer them truthfully.


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No Makeup Makeup Look

Another makeup look. If you read my blog for some time then you probably know that I love natural matte look. So I’m gonna give a quick tutorial about it!

So this is the look and please just my eyebrows I know they are just….weird. I thought of plucking it but I was just lazy. So ignore it.

Anyways. Here we go!


I used the Maybelline New York Blur And Smooth Face Primer for primming my face. Next to my foundation I used Maybelline New York Fit Me foundation. I recently bought it and God it’s so good. Anyways, I applied the foundation all over my face using a beauty blender. Now moving to concealing. I used Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer. I used it under my eyes, bridge of my nose,  forehead and around my lips and I blended it with the same beauty blender. And I sealed the whole thing with Rimmel Colorstay 2 in 1 Pressed Powder. Now like the thing we do on our lips taking a facial Tissue and tracsulscent (idk how to spell it) powder and trace your lips with a big makeup brush. Just do it all over your face but don’t use the powder just a clean brush. It helps to make the foundation sit more nicely and gives a perfect natural look. And don’t forget the neck.


I used a small amount of blush from Urban Decay Naked 6 Blush, I used the middle one. And now contouring, I used the Ueban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter. I didn’t use the cream one just a bit of the dark contour in my cheeks hollow and in my jaws. 


I used a L’oreal Paris Pencil Eye Liner. I just lined the eyelash line a bit. I used a white pencil eye liner for my water line. Now Lashes! I used Nior Black Maskara and Yeah. Now my brows. I know my brows look freakin weird but Anyway I’m telling you, I used E.L.F eye brow kit.

Well that’s a lot of thing for a natural look, its kind of like wearing loads and loads of makeup until we look normal.

So that’s it I hope it helped. And a Q/A is up, I’m going to answer the question next Friday so comment down any questions you want to know!



Wrap Up

Happy Friday guys! I hope every one had a great weekend. Mine was….ok. I was home this entire week doing nothing. I skipped school this weak I’m still sick so Yeah. The week was normal occassional interesting things- like- 

I’m back blogging! Yay! I was actually really distracted this week and the previous. I don’t know what I was doing. I wasn’t on social media nor I was watching films or series. I was…..out of my mind honestly. I also got 100 followers this week and God Thank you so much! Anyway I’m doing a Q/A soon, comment down questions you want to know I’m answer them truthfully!

First time someone actually asked me if I was mentally okay. Peoples around me always like are physically okay or not, but my home tutor asked me if I was mentally stressed or something. And honestly I was taken aback a bit, it actually made feel a bit better thinging “Peoples give a crap”. (God, I sound like an attention seeker but believe me I’m not). 

I failed in Maths. My math teacher failed me purposely, just because I didn’t attend that math…… festival? Something like that. He had organized it and those person who didn’t attained, he failed them. Seriously? Math is my favorite subject, how can he just do that! Anyways.

And last but not least, I GOT BETTER! So I’ll be pretty much active!

So that was it. I hope you enjoyed and see you soon!



Me at Night

I’​m a night girl! Even if there’s a words like that. I think it’s night person.
 I’m really cheerful, productive, jolly at night. I even have a full-on concert in my room. Anyways, so I’m gonna give an over view of my night ususally like.

I think we can take 6 as the beginning of night? Yeah. I definietly have a snack around 6. That is the only time I’m not in my room and somewhere else in my house. After that snack and watching T.V for a while I’m in my room. I shut my room’s door and just go fall on my super comfy bed. Usually I put on my head phones, put the volume up and scroll through peoples blog or social medias or just reading stories. And at 8 I realize it’s pretty late, so I push my lazy ass up and go do some of my homeworks if I have any or I just watch some episodes of Pretty Little Liars even a film. Around 11 I usually take a shower, unwinding from the day. And after that I just spend another hour in my room in my towel with my phone in my hand or thinking something intense, which usually doesn’t make a sense. Finally I put on my pj’s. Still I have so many things to do. I journal, write in my diary give one last look on blog and other social medias and lie down on my bed by 1 or something. And did I mention my mom already yelled at me twice or thrice?….probably not. Anyway, I did lie on my bed but then I start day dreaming, even it’s night. And eventually I fall asleep.

So that’s pretty much it. But I have varities of nights. Sometimes I spend 2 hours talking to my cousin/bff or snapchat someone. Tell me if you are a morning person or a night girl!

And a Q/A is going to be up soon, ask me question I’m gonna answer them truthfully!

See you soon !


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100 Followers+ Q/A !

GUYSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Thank you SO SO SO SO SO SO…….∞(to the infinity) much! I love each and one of you loads! To many people it maybe not much but it’s huge for me and I can’t be less Thankful. It fills good there are actually some people to read my crap and that means the world to me. I love you guys!

I hit hundred yesterday with you guys, I thought of doing this post yesterday but it was 1 in the morning….so I’m doing it now. My next goal is to hit 500. Can we do this? (A pretty please with a cherry on the top)

Anyway, so on this occasion I thought answering some of your questions. So ask me anything in the comment section I’ll answer them truthfully on another post.

And once again Thank you so much! 

Love You 


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DIY Tumblr/Pinterest Inspired Notebook

I was inspired for doing this from Tumblr/Pinterest. I has been hanging around for ages and I finally did it. So here’s a quick tutorial and I’m sorry I don’t have much picture, I wasn’t planning of uploading it but well I’m doing it. So what you will need-
1. Magazines

2. A notebook

3. White glue / Mod-Podge


Firstly take the magazines and cut out some triangles and some half triangles. Make sure all of them are of same size. You need to measure out the size of the triangles according to the notebook though. I had to cut 9 full triangles and 6 half triangles. Anyway, then position all the triangles over notebook, when all the triangles are in position glue it down with white glue. After the triangles are stuck nicely on the note book cover, place a big paper (maybe news paper) just under the cover. No take a painting brush and dip it on the glue and cover up the whole cover for a finishing. People recommend mod-podge but white glue do fine. And Ta-Da!

Let me know if you do it!



Me At Mornings

I’m not really a morning person. I’m not miserable but I’m also not pleasent. I’m usually emotionless in morning and I can’t think anything straight. People says it is good to study or doing other things which requires concentration in morning, but I can never concentrate in morning. I can’t get a shit in my mind. Anyway what my mornings are usually like. 

I would usually wakeup at 9 or something, sometimes even late. So the first thing I’m gonna do is unplug my phone from the charger and take the phone. I would just scroll though instagram, blogs, twitter or facebook for like hours untill my mom come to my room and sees me with my phone and yell at me. After that I’m gonna drag my lazy ass to the bathroom. I would pee first and then take a shower. The only habit I like about myself is this shower thing, taking shower before starting the day. Anyway after a quick shower of 15 minutes I would put on some clothes and go eat my breakfast, which my mom already made. 

So that is usually my mornings. I hardly had the habit of Waking at 7 and doing yoga and meditate and here I am, doing nothing in the morning. I realized I’m not at all productive this days. Anyway I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading. Tell me how’s yor morning are usually like!


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Fashion Haul

I actually had this haul last month. But I just didn’t get the time, or it just got dalayed for some reason. But finally I’m doing it! So here it goes!


 This one is my most favorite cloth among all of them! I love it’s sleeves the most. I really like it’s color combination and it’s patter. And the necklace sort of thing-y gave it a kick. It’s my most favorite piece among all of them.


I remember these two are from the same store, it pretty much has the pattern (not really) but different color. I really liked it. It really flatters my colar bone and make my shoulder look more defined and broad.


This one is a simple dark puple dress. Those ribbons helsp you to tighten the around your waist. It’s pretty cool I liked it a lot. It looks more good with an colorful scarf or a vest.


I got this ‘bad-girl’ vibe jeans. It has some spikes around the pocket area. It also has some…half destroyed places? I don’t what to say those, but Yeah. 


They are so comfy! And I really loved those roses. I think it’s really cute!


I got this got this golden chocker it is so cute and it looks really good with the dress no. 2. By the way I had to pull my shirt down to take this picture.


Two scarves. One is plain chocolate long scarfe and another is a small and with this roses scarves. I use the coffee one quite a lot, it’s simple. I actually didn’t use the white one till but Yeah! And sorry I couldnt show you guys the coffee scarf, my sister borrowed it from me last week, I’ll try to update it as soon as I get it!


I don’t know what it’s called but I really like it. It looks quite with an off-white or white bra.


Same here I don’t know what it’s called but I think it’s really cute. It also has this pocket behind. It’s kind of like those things kids at kindergarden wears. 


Last but not least a watch. My dad got me this. He actually wanted me to buy me a pink watch, just like he got me a pink toothbrush. But after telling him few times that I don’t want pink, he got me this. And I think it’s really good, it shoes the date so that’s a plus point.

So that’s it guys I hope you enjoyed and have a great day!