Sara’s Weekend Diary #9

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine has gone (thankfully)really amazing! Today, I thought of doing a SWD as it’s weekend and also because I just wanted to share few things with you guys! So, let’s hop straight in! Let Me by Zayn Malik: It had to come first! I’m so... Continue Reading →


Books To Read In 2018.

In my last post, I said - making a reading list is one of my bucket list for this spring. So, yesterday after googling for few hours, I came across these few books which sounded interesting. I made an updated reading list of about 35 books- with the new books I came across along with... Continue Reading →

My Spring 2018 Bucket List.

It’s officially spring now! If you know me I’m a huge fan of bucket lists. I always create one for summer, one for winter. This year however, I thought why not create a bucket list for spring too. Just a few days ago, I realized my April is going to be quite relaxing - I... Continue Reading →

My Current Playlist | April Playlist

I realized I didn’t do a music related post in ages! So, today I thought of doing one. I’ll be sharing the songs I’m currently listening to. I won’t be listing my whole playlist but only the new songs I recently added to my playlist. So here it goes! MY CURRENT PLAYLIST: Say Amen by... Continue Reading →

March Favorites.

It’s hard to belief its already three months into 2018. Last couple of days I thought time wasn’t moving at all, but now, whenever I write dates I’m like- hell, 2018 needs to slow down! Anyway, today I thought of doing a monthly favorite, so I’ll be sharing all of my March favorites with you... Continue Reading →

My March Wrap Up+ April 2018 Goals.

It’s April 1st, so it’s time for another monthly roundup! My March went quite great and I’m more than just happy the weather got warmer, even though it started to storm here. However, I’m not complaining I love storms as long as I am in my house! Anyways, I really hope you had a great... Continue Reading →

My April Bullet Journal Set Up

It’s almost April, so it’s time for April bullet journal set up! This month I went with a rainy/stormy theme as it’s usually raining during April! Moreover, there is literally a thunder storm going on outside my house! Anyway, I’ll go straight to my set up! MATERIALS USED: A5 Diary Tombow Advanced Lettering Set Glitter... Continue Reading →

50 Small Things That Makes Me Happy.

Just, yesterday I was stressing and complaining about everything in my life. I was so stressed that I almost had a panic attack. But, after experiencing some panic attacks before, I now try my best to not have another one. From my previous encounters with panic attack (as if it’s a person) I realized journaling... Continue Reading →

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